Saturday, 9 July 2011

Protection Wards

Last week the lady that owns our local bookstore phoned me to ask if I would help one of the women that frequents the place. So I gave her a call to see what was up and what kind of help she thought she was in need of. She explained her situation and asked for some specific protection work on herself, her husband, child and home. I understood her fears and need to feel secure, whenever we move the first thing I do is set up protection wards. My children, husband, pets and loved ones all have some kind of spelled protection due to my Witchyness.I decided to make some Rowan crosses, a protection shield plaque, some personal mojos for the members of the family and a energy grove of trees used to shield the property kept in place by anchors fed by the love and happiness of the home.

I work with alot of nature spirits and have had a special relationship with trees for many many years. I find them to be amazing guardians and protectors and when asked nicely gladly offer there assistance in this kind of work. For this work I wanted trees who's energies I had worked with before, that represented protection, grew in our area and that I could correspond elementally. The trees were chosen for there protection qualities.  

Oak well known for its strength, protection and masculine energy corresponds to North. 
Rowan well known for protection corresponds to South. 
Willow is a protector of children and women and easily sits in Water
Birch another protector and full of mothering feminine energies works well in Air. 

On The night of the New Moon one of my coven sisters and I went out during the witching hour to our local woodland made offerings and asked permission which was graciously given then we harvested only what we would need.

                                                         This is the area during the day
Back at home my coven sister wove Rowan crosses and spelled them.


While I prepared the personal mojos. I call them a pocket full of protection.
This work is for a family so I cut the mojos from the same cloth (red felt to be exact) I sewed a rune of protection Algiz on the front and filled them with herbs of protection Sage, Calamus, St John's wort and Dragons blood everything is charged as it is added then sewed together with red thread and spelled. 
Next I made the protection plaque this is the shield for the home. 
I used clay to make the plaque and carved the rune of protection Algiz in the middle to the left I carved the rune for hope, happiness, security and certainty Dagaz and to the right the rune Othala for a house a home then it was charged to become a shield for the home. 
The Clay I used for this was graciously donated by the lady who owns the Bookstore. This woman is such a genuine soul and has managed to create a wonderful community threw her store.

Then the anchor talismans were made. Anchors can be all sorts of things crystals are very commonly used but I decided to use the clay folded talisman method

I love this method and it worked beautifully for what I had in mind. I try to use my hands as much as possible when using clay as a medium so I free hand shaped and pounded out four rough rounds then the tree energies were added then it is slowly folded in on itself like a little package during this time the spell chants are sung then you seal it so there are no seams at all and on one side runes or sacred symbols are carved. I used the Ogham for each of the trees.
 These anchors are charged with and connected to the trees energies and then are used as focal points to draw the energies of the trees that were called upon to create a grove of energy around the home or property.
My coven sister and myself payed a visit to this ladies home to put this work in place and show her and her husband how it all worked so that they could keep it charged. They were very pleased.  I thank the Goddess once again for my Witchy ways and the ability to help others.
The aftermath

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