Friday, 22 July 2011

Pilgrimage to Fairy Rock

 As a child my Dad told me a story of how he had seen a fairy sunning herself on rock one day, it was a giant piece of granite in the middle of a perfect pond surrounded on three sides by willow groves and banks of wild mint we always called it fairy rock. One day when my children were very young my Mother was driving by the same rock and saw what she described as a window opening up in the air and on the other side a foreign landscape and what looked like a huge shadow dragon then it snapped shut. I have always been fascinated with this site and have visited it often over the years the energy is amazing and you lose time very quickly, you get a deep feeling of peace and wonder it makes it hard to leave. When I was a child the rock was in the middle of the most enchanting pond, today most of the pond has dried up and in its place are meadows filled with wild mint, nettle, and bluebells still surrounded by willow groves. I recently made a pilgrimage back to this enchanting place and the energy was AMAZING as per usual.

This is what you see from the road

The Rock itself
On the top of the rock are two pools
 The pools from the top. What do you see?
 Looking into the diamond willow grove from the rock
Inside the grove
 Meadows have replaced the pond

Whats left of the pond
A beautiful example of diamond willow
lichen on the rock
 As we were getting ready to leave my oldest daughter looked back at the rock and saw a little Greenman watching her. He was just for her as the rest of us could not see him but I know he was there for it is not the first time there has been a Fae encounter at the this Amazing place!

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